Muscle Building Program - $40 Every 4 Weeks

A monthly workout schedule written specifically and scientifically to increase overall muscle mass. New workouts each month you purchase to eliminate plateaus in the muscle building process. To help reach your maximum muscle goals I also offer nutrition guidelines and meal ideas specifically for muscle gains. (additional cost may apply for nutrutional guideline services added on)

What is included with our Muscle Building Program

  • A monthly workout schedule written specifically to help build muscle for your entire body with 4-6 workouts per week.

  • Workout plans for men and women
  • New workouts each month you purchase, to eliminate plateaus in the muscle building process
  • Trainer Support- Weekly check-up
  • PDF version available to print

*If you are looking for a more goal specific program, then you should check out my custom programs that are geared directly to meet your personal specifications. You may also continue to sign up for the Muscle Building Program below!

The Process & Signing Up

With our plans, there are no contracts or required long term commitments. The plan is designed specifically for those with a focus on building muscle, and each month's schedule varies based on where you are on your path. To get started, fill out the fitness questionnaire below. Once you submit your information, you will then check out with our secure payment portal. Once the order is processed, you will hear from your new personal trainer and will get started.

What you get:

  • Custom workout plan consisting of 4-6 workouts per week
  • Weekly support contact with your trainer
  • Equipment requirements listed for each workout

Review our Fitness Program Liability Release Agreement