About Us

One Rep Above has an approach to fitness unlike any other. Fitness comes in many forms and is an integral part of life for everyone. If you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete - fitness is a part of your life , and we approach each client plan with that in mind. We believe, no matter what your goals are, you should do it to your highest potential and always go One Rep Above what you thought you could do. We are here to help you go above and beyond, giving you not only physical strength and stamina, but also mental. No goal is too small nor too large. Let us work with you to reach them all.


About the Trainer: Kris Nash - Founder & Certified Personal Trainer

I started One Rep Above because I want to help people reach their fitness goals through the knowledge and experience I have gained from years of working out and my college education. One Rep Above is important to me because I love the fact I can help people all over the country and world become a better version of themselves!

I chose to create One Rep Above as I was finishing my college degree and I want to create a fitness business that I can manage and enjoy at the same time. I want to be able to spread the knowledge I have in fitness the way I perceive it and the way I think people will receive it with the best results.

Education & Experience

  • Certified Personal Trainer through American College of Sports Medicine
  • Experience: One on One Personal Trainer in Michigan with 20+ clients. Managed, organized, and taught two fitness classes on regular basis for all skill levels
  • Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and Minor in Health Fitness - Central Michigan University: While attending classes here I learned more about the body and how it reacts to exercise than I ever imagined. I also learned about basic nutrition, nutrition for athletes, fitness assessments, exercise techniques, correct lifting form to prevent injuries, and injury rehabilitation which are just a few of the areas I focused on
  • Professional Grade Athletic Performance Training Internship - Barwis Methods

Approach & Methods

MY APPROACH & METHOD: I believe in helping my clients push themselves - in a safe and healthy manner - one rep above what they physically or mentally believe they are capable of achieving.

My Fitness Journey

In high school I played multiple sports that I was very passionate about and during this time I was introduced to weight lifting, which I fell in love with instantly. While lifting in high school I was all about lifting to make myself a better athlete but what made me fall in love with working out was the changes I saw in my body. After high school I attended a community college not knowing what I wanted to pursue a career in so I took a couple years off. I then worked for a company that allowed me to travel all over the U.S. for a couple years. During my time working for this company I got to work out at some of the nicest gyms in the country and it sparked my interest in a career in fitness. I then did my research and found a University near my home town that offered a B.S. degree in Exercise Science. This was when I made up my mind I wanted to live the rest of my life working in the Health Fitness field because it was the one thing that would truly make me happy.



One Rep Above is a science based company with methods that are proven to produce results.



One Rep Above stands for pushing yourself one rep above what you physically or mentally believe you are capable of achieving.



This is not meant for just lifting weights, we want people to apply this in every aspect of fitness and even in every aspect of life.